While yes, I created like 90% of this game, there were some notable
people who have helped make Retro Knight possible. Behold their greatness.
King Kerupt
General Jerkface
Dr. Kockpocalipse
Johnny Thunderpants
Angela Pimlot
Mr. Dumpy
Noah B. Wilson
The Secretary
Selena Seaboots
Sharilyn Wilson
Angus McGreggor
Dirk McClintock
Max Marple
Boozer The Clown Gabe Wilson
The Waffler Brice Shultz
Programmed by Noah B. Wilson
Art Design by Noah B. Wilson
Abraham Bulvarela
Music by Noah B. Wilson
Vince Lubinsky
Beta Testers Sharilyn Wilson
Jason Weddell
CJ Goodwin