Version 4.0 will drop in 2019. Here's what I got brewing.

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Bug Fixes!
Again? Geez. We'll see. Hopefully not.
HUD Update / Horde Meter / New Hordes
The HUD (top right) will get some updates. Mainly spacing and formatting. Nothing super fancy. What IS super fancy is the new Horde Meter and Treasure Portal bonuses. While on the Map, you will soon see a Horde Meter which shows how many Monster Hordes there are out in the wild. If you defeat ALL OF THEM, your luck will increase for the day. If you let more than 30 Hordes exist, your luck goes down. Keep them in check! Also if you are Level 2+, you'll notice some new Horde types and some mysterious fog! Ooooooo.

New Items / Tricks
Here are a few things: 1) You will be able to equip a Lucky Stick and stick it in a hanging torch and create a 2:00 Torch Powerup! 2) The Book of Bubbles will put a bubble around you that stops projectiles (but not monsters). 3) The Book of Magents will cause dropped items from dead monsters to float towards you! Neat!

Level 4 Upgrade! *Major Upgrade*
You will soon be able to upgrade to a Level 4 Knight!

Megamore Mines! *Major Upgrade*
Robots! What's gone wrong in Megamore Mines? Is there a relic down there? Probably...

Status: Incomplete
Grudge's Online Shopping *Free With House Purchase*
Grudge is getting his own computer, and he can use it to buy/sell items! Place up to 12 items for sale and let other users buy them! Plus, you can shop at the stores of the most recent players.

Status: Incomplete
Salons!(?) *Gnit Required* *Major Upgrade*
Salons will pop up in various towns and allow you to do a heck of a lot more than just change Grudge's hair (when he is not wearing a helmet, that is). You will be able to change skin tones and genders as well! What a world! The female Grudge (Grudgette) will also have her own voice acting.

Status: Incomplete
New Builder Bros. areas! *Gnit Required*
There are several of these areas already on the map. I just need to actually design them and put them up for sale. Could there be special keys inside, or Glass Hearts, or Duckies, or new, rare weapons not found in stores? All of the above? Probably.

Status 1: Incomplete

Status 2: Incomplete

Status 3: Incomplete
SCP Coin Connect!
You'll be able to convert SCP Coins to Gnit! Awesome. You'll also be able to do it on this website! Super awesome! Look for a new button in the Extras Menu upon update.

Status: Incomplete
New Mini Game! *Gnit Required*
A new hangglider mini-game will take you from the starting spot at Skeleton Ridge and let you fly to several different spots. Weeeeeee!

Status: Incomplete
Lava Mines! *Major Upgrade*
Why did this place get abandoned?

Status: Incomplete
The Forest of Fear! *Major Upgrade*
Another semi-large area will be opened up. No direct parody. I'll come up with something.

Status: Incomplete
New Enemies!
  • TBD.
Version 5.0 will drop in late 2019. Here's what I got brewing.

Bug Fixes!
Level 5 Upgrade! *Major Upgrade*
You will soon be able to upgrade to a Level 5 Knight! Which means ...
Boom Boom Desert! *Major Upgrade*
Finally, the Sand Wall will open and you can go into Boom Boom Desert. Visit Dirt Ball City! Find the next Relic! Watch out for explosive monsters in this huge Bomberman-themed area. You will also likely get access to another one of the islands out at sea, but which one?
Pets! *Major Upgrade*
What? No way! Yes way. I am working on a way where you can get pets at your house! You must own some land to get a pet, and you can get as many as you want! Current ideas are dogs, cats, goats, bunnies, pandas, and penguins. Your pets can take care of themselves, but if you bring them treats (meat or sticks for dogs, Lucky String of fish for cats, etc.), you might get some prizes! I am also trying to see if it will be possible to take a pet with you on adventures. TBD.
New Builder Bros areas! *Gnit Required*
I plan on adding a few more.
New Mini Game! *Gnit Required*
New Enemies!
  • TBD.
New Tool: Shovel!
This new item will let you dig for treaures