Version 6.0 will drop in 2020. Here's what I got brewing.

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  • Whole New Pause Menu : This major change will let you see more stats, 32 items at once, and the new 3 Bonus Tasks you are given each day! Plus, the Daily Orders will include a map. Nothing is being removed ... it is just being made much easier.
  • Bonus Tasks : 3 Bonus Tasks are now being added each day. You can complete them in any order, or not. Completing all three Bonus Tasks and the Daily Orders will get you a trip to a Treasure Room ... and a visit from something you might already know about.
  • Upgrade Changes : Knight upgrades will all cost less Badges but more Gnit.
  • Mystery Islands : You will be able to take the Balloon Baffoon to Mystery Islands. You can only go to one per day. These islands are temporary and you cannot return to them, so loot them! You will also be able to travel a second Mystery Island if you have a boat. TBD on how that will work.
  • Level 5 Upgrade : You can upgrade to Level 5
  • Dirt Ball City : You will be able to spend Gnit to get access to Dirt Ball City and a few other areas.
  • Boom Boom Desert access for all Level 5+ : Top Knights can visit Boom Boom Desert.
  • 5th Relic : It's in the Boom Boom Desert, maybe.
  • Isla Malidea : If you can find the key, you can visit Isla Malidea.
  • Piping Peak : Lucky Knights can visit Piping Peak.
  • Crystal Caverns : This cave will be open to all knights ... but it may not be easy!
  • Lighthouse Upgrade : Level 3+ Knights can get a Lighthouse upgrade, which makes your boat faster.
  • New Mine Cart Mini Game : A new mine cart to ride!
  • More Pawn Shops
  • Delivery Missions
  • Level 6 Upgrade
  • Bubble Dragon Swamp access for all Level 6+
  • New Glider Mini Game
  • Orson's Well Upgrade
  • New Fishing Mini Game
  • New Arrow Mini Game
  • You can buy your own island! Comes with awesome Custom Cannon for travel use! (Level 3)
  • More house/yard items for sale.
  • New Task List!
Looking for more Grudge? Of course you are! Grudge the "Retro Knight" is off on another adventure, only this one wasn't one he planned! Lost on the small, tropical Kokonut Island somewhere in the Wild Sea, Grudge will have to solve its riddles if he wants to get back to Kingdomland! With some help from Gus the Wizard and a few locals, the Retro Knight will take on hordes of monsters which plague the caverns and jungles of Kokonut Island. Can Grudge figure out what it takes to make a Tequlia Sunrise and solve the mysterious riddles? Probably. Enjoy this wacky, humorous, action-packed RPG that will make you a fan of Retro Knight!

Already a fan? Awesome! This adventure can be played alone or connected directly to Retro Knight: The Relics of General Importance. If you already have a saved account in Relics, just log in using that data and you'll have all your items! Plus, you can even save your data in Tequila, log into Relics, and bring new items, weapons, foods, and armor from Kokonut Island back to Kingdomland! That's freakin' sweet!

Coming sometime in 2020 hopefully!