Version 3.0 hopefully will arrive before the end of 2018.
I'm not totally sure what it will have yet, but here are some thoughts.

Bug Fixes!
Again? Geez. We'll see. Hopefully not.
Level 3 Upgrade! *Major Upgrade*
You will soon be able to upgrade to a Level 3 Knight! Which means ...
Balloon Bird Bluffs! *Major Upgrade*
Another huge area will be opened up, this one a parody of 1/2 Balloon Fight and 1/2 Joust. Details to follow.
Pets! *Major Upgrade*
What? No way! Yes way. I am working on a way where you can get pets at your house! You must own some land to get a pet, and you can get as many as you want! Current ideas are dogs, cats, goats, bunnies, pandas, and penguins. Your pets can take care of themselves, but if you bring them treats (meat or sticks for dogs, Lucky String of fish for cats, etc.), you might get some prizes! I am also trying to see if it will be possible to take a pet with you on adventures. TBD.
New Mini Game! *Major Upgrade*
I know what it is! Details to follow.
New Tool: Shovel!
This new item will let you dig for treaures!
New Enemies!
  • TBD. I have 3 in mind.
P2P Trading/Shopping!
I'd like to set up a way where players can buy and sell items form each other. TBD.