- Gemstones -
Feeling lucky? Grab a Pick Axe (or some rocks off of the ground) and take them to your local Gemologist (is that a real thing?)! They might be able to crack open that rock like an egg and see if there is something cool inside!

So you wanna know how to get rich finding and selling rocks? Who knew it was even possible? Here's the surefire guide to getting started in the Gemstone Collecting buisness that is all the rage in Kingdomland, or at least that's what we have heard.

1. For an easy way to get started, you'll want to find Lucky Rocks on the ground. Collect them as you go on your adventures. You can even throw them at enemies if you are in a pinch.

2. When in the town of Rockview, pick up a Pick Axe! We hear they might also be sold elsewhere, but that's not confirmed. People are always changing their store inventories anyway.

3. If you are really lucky, you might find a Quarry Rock! Quarry Rocks are big, grey rocks that you can smack with a Pick Axe. You may see tons of similar rocks all over Kingdomland, but Quarry Rocks have some very subtle tell-tale signs that set them apart. We hear there is one in Rockview, so study up!

4. Once you got a gaggle of Lucky Rocks, take them to a Gemologist. Nearly every town in Kingdomland has one. They can crack those rocks open and see if anything cool is inside. They don't work for free, so bring some Gnit as well. Most Gemologists will gladly buy any cool stuff you find.

  Name Does
Red Gem Can be used to make fire weapons.
Blue Gem Can be used to make ice weapons.
Green Gem Improves your luck when in your inventory.
Purple Gem Improves resistence to poison when in your inventory.
Iron Ore Can be used to make weapons. Visit a weapon shop.
Gold Ore Can be used to make weapons and magical items. Visit a weapon shop.
Diamond Can be used to make wepaons. Visit a weapon shop.
Silver Ore Can be used to make wepaons. Visit a weapon shop.
Fairy Stone Will give you +50 Health when your Health runs out.
Nacho Cheese Ore What?!