- Fish and Fishing -
You can catch a lot of things when you go fishing, sometimes fish! Here are a list of the known fish in Kingdomland. Have you caught them all? What is this, Pokemon? No. It isn't.
Also be sure to keep track of who buys what fish. Prices may vary quite a lot!

Who doesn't like fishing? I heard people are into that sort of thing. Here's some tips on how to get started making some money catching and selling fish.

1. You cannot do anything until you buy a Fishing Rod. Check Smiley Shores. We hear there is a guy there who sells a decent variety. Different Fishing Rods make it easier to fish, use less Retro Points, and can even be used to smack monsters in the face.

2. It is also important to know where to sell your fish before you go fishing. You need to know which fish you can release if you don't want to keep them. Don't bother fishing in towns because those ponds and streams have all be fished of all the big guys.

3. When you find a nice spot, toss your fishing line into the water. Wait for the bob to move. If you reel back in quick enough, you'll catch yourself a fish!

4. Take note that each time you cast your line, you use Retro Points. You need Retro Points to keep fishing, so bring some snacks.

5. Try fishing in rare or hidden places. Rumor is that there are several fishing holes throughout Kingdomland that only the true fishing professionals know about. They might have lots of rare, expensive fish.

HEALTH = Added Health, RETRO = Added Retro Points, WOOZY = Affect on Woozy Meter,
POI = Cures Poison, FRZ = Cures Frozen, BRN = Cures Burning, SLG = Cures Sluggish, BLD = Cures Blindness

Gold Fish 10 10            
White Fish 12 8            
Red Fish 20 5            
Green Fish 15 15            
Blue Fish 10 40            
Purple Fish 35 35            
Neon Fish 99 99            
Black Fish 80 80            
Squidling 30 80 -300          
Squeaker Fish 50 50 -300          
Link Fish 40 40 -500          
Blue Gill Fish 50 70 -300          
Poison Piranha 80 60 +300 X        
Sword Fish 40 20 -300          
Hammerhead 60 30 -400          
Sparkle Starfish 30 50          
Needle Fish 10 20          
Crystal Fish 30 60 +200 X X X X X
Grow Fish 30 20          
Fairy Fish 80 80 -600 X X X X X
Zap Fish 35 35 +400 X     X X
Charm Fish 10 25          
Lava Fish 25 10   X      
Chilly Fish 25 10     X