- General Tips -
We've gathered up some of the most important things to know about Kingdomland, and dumped them on this page. If your question is not answerd here, join me on my Discord chat!

How do I save my game?
You must return to the map. The game autosaves each time you enter/leave the map. In some cases, it will save when you complete a set or orders.
What's the deal with Badges?
Badges are required to explore more areas of Kingdomland. You are awarded a Badge each time you complete the Daily Orders handed down from King Kerupt.
I don't have enough Badges to enter an area needed to complete my Orders! What gives?
This is bound to happen to most new Knights, and suffice to say, you'll have to wait until you get new Orders tomorrow. Don't get frustrated! Just collect more items, explore where you can, and get ready for the next day's big challenge.
I'm on fire!
Charge up and do a Retro Attack. This is the equivilent to 'stop, drop, and roll'. You can also jump in water (not lava) or eat something very cold (like ice cream or a popsicle).
I'm blind!
How are you reading this? If you are blind, you are just going to have to wait it out. It doesn't last too long. Keep swinging wildly and keep those monsters from realizing you can't see them.
I'm poisoned!
A smart Knight knows that booze will cure poison. Drink some beer, wine, or maybe have a tasty margarita! Pro tip: The more Purple Gems you have in your inventory, the quicker the poison will wear off.
I ran out of weapons AND money. How do I continue?
First of all, don't do that. Second of all, wander back to Kingdomtown and find Brick The Blacksmith. He will give you a free Beatstick to start smashing monsters again.
I can't see very well. It's dark.
Kingdomland operates in real time, and there's lots of dark and scary caves, too. You're bound to play at night sooner or later, and those forests are dark! To help you get through this, you can buy a Torch in Kingdomtown (or other places) to help you see in the dark. There are also some armors and playable characters who have better night vision the Grudge.
My weapon won't charge so I can do a Retro Attack. I just keep swinging.
There are a few, rare weapons that shoot specialty blasts instead of charge. So instead of charging up, you'll keep swinging over and over again. If you are on fire, you'll need to eat something cold (ice cream) or unequip that weapon and use one that will charge up.
I keep running into random monsters on the map. It's annoying.
Stick to the paths of Kingdomland, and you'll be safe from most monsters. You will not be safe from Monster Hordes, but at least you can see them and try and avoid them.
What are these Orange Blocks? How do I get around them?
In most cases, you can't. Orange Blocks are in place to keep you out of specific areas. Some are in place to block of bosses and treasure rooms otherwise reserved for specific Orders (as in the case with places like the Lake Palace, the Sandacombs, and the Sand Castle). Others are in place to keep lesser knights out of scary areas such as Twilight Forest and Megamore Mines. To remove these blocks, you must either 1) have been given a specific set of orders or 2) upgrade to the next level.
What are these Orange Cones? How do I get around them?
You can't. Orange Cones appear during Challenge Courses handed out by General Jerkface. They keep you from wandering off of the course. They will disappear when the challenge is complete.
What are these Blue Cones? How do I get around them?
Blue Cones are special cones related to using a Scooter. They disappear when you are riding a Scooter, but then will reappear again when you are on foot.