- Orders (aka Quests) -
The King hands out several different types of orders to his many knights, some of which are very scary and some of which might be down-right stupid and annoying. Just all part of the job.

Portal Sightings
Portal sightings are pretty common around Kingdomland, and no one knows where the come from. Maybe its how the monsters got to Kingdomland. Suffice to say, you are required to hop in these portals and see where they take you. Because I'm nice, here's a list of all the current places portals may take you. Use this as a checklist. (Because Retro Knight is the coolest game around, I can add new portals and new destinations without even updating the app, so you never know when I new one might appear!)

Linear - These areas are 'one way only' (with possible forks in the road).
Mazes - These are 'find the exit' areas with the ability to free-roam.
Level - Only certain knights can access these portals. Some may pop up at the Questmasters Camp or Patron Palace.

Fire Canyon 1 Burning sands and burning wheels. A fairly short adventure.
Lava Pit 1 A very hot cave full of lava and fire monsters.
Molten Castle 1 Is this the fabled castle once rulled by a dragon-turtle-thing?
Snow Ridge 1 A fairly long hike along the snowy mountains.
Skeleton Valley 1 Lots of sand, bones, and some slimey water.
Snow Ruins 1 A lost town that seems to have frozen over.
Haunted Track 1 A ghost town where it looks like people use to race scooters.
Pac Zone 1 There's a crazy portal that takes you to another dimension!
Ghost Castle 2 Is this an abandoned castle full of ghosts, or do the ghosts rightfully own it?
Secret Meadow 2 This bright and green forest is not as friendly as it seems.
Regudo Wastelands 2 A twisty-turny hike through poisonous sands. Lots of bosses.
Monster Dungeon 2 Take a trip deep into Corporation H above Konky Dong Dam.
Kerupt Sewers 2 Coming soon! Dive under Kingdomtown to clean up their stinky mess.
Investigate Local Mysteries
Not too different from Portal Sightings, sometimes you will be required to go into places that most common folk don't want to go. The difference between Local Mysteries and Portal Sightings is that you can go to these places any time you want no matter if you are being asked to or not. If you are not asked to go there, you will see Orange Cones blocking the otherwise required exit. All of these arease are considered Mazes.

Lake Palace 1 A cold, sometimes frozen, always wet palace near Lakeside Lake
Sandy Castle 1 An abandoned castle that sunk into the sand. Common hideout for monsters.
Sandacombs 1 A favorite place to stick dead people in Tentee Shores. Some come back to life.
Scum Factory 1 This abandoned facility might have some treasures, and monsters.
Broken Mines 1 The mines once loved by Rockview residents isn't what it used to be.
Konky Underground 2 Take a look at a secret area under Konky Dong Dam.
Monster Hordes
Monsters who are not as stupid as their friends love to travel in big groups along the map. Sometimes, there are just too many of these large hordes for the citizens of Kingdomland to travel safely, so it's up to you to thin them out. When you get orders to take out these Monster Hordes, you'll have to either 1) take out 10 groups or 2) take out however many are left (if there are less than 10 already). It's smart to battle these guys occasionally even when King Kerupt doesn't demand it so that it doesn't become a huge chore later.
Giant Monster Attack
There are a few giant monsters out in the world, and sometimes they go after the villages of Kingdomland. When this happens, you must save the city under siege! Track down the giant monster and destroy it! If you don't, you could be fined!
The 100-Coin Challenge
Love coins? Sure, we all do! How about 100 Red Coins that you can't even spend? Probably not as cool. Yet King Kerupt really likes money in all its forms, so when he catches wind that these rare Red Coins have appeared in a certain area, its up to you to go find them all. Yes, there are 100 Red Coins to find in a specific area. Good luck.
Star Shards
There are days when a shooting star falls from the sky and crashes into Kingdomland. For some odd reason, they always explode into 5 smaller Star Shards, and King Kerupt seems to really like them. You'll have to find all five pieces of the shooting star to complete this set of orders.
King's Delivery
When he is bored and there's nothing to do, King Kerupt likes ... things. Sometimes he wants strawberries. Sometimes he wants balls of string. The guy is crazy. Sadly, it's up to you to find whatever he is craving and deliver it to the Pink Portal outside of the main castle entry in Kingdomtown. Thankfully he's not a total jerk and lets you visit one of his treasure rooms for some great prizes.
Training Course
Some days there are no orders, but that doesn't mean you get the day off! General Jerkface has set up several Training Courses around Kingdomland for you to complete. In these instances, normally non-linear areas are 'coned off', and you'll have to fight your way from the start to the finish line. When do you get a day off, seriously?