- Magic Items -
Ever want to take a Power Up with you? Here's a list of Magic Items that you can use at any time to get the upper hand on the monster hordes.

  Name Does
Red Potion +50 Health.
Blue Potion +50 Retro Points.
Balloons You can take the next two hits free! If you're wearing the Balloon Suit, you can float over water.
Bottled Lightning Shoot bolts of lighting from any weapon.
Red Mushroom Attack Power up.
Green Mushroom Luck up. You'll get more items from enemies.
Blue Mushroom You can do a Level 1 Retro Attack without charging. Uses no Retro Points, too!
Stop Watch Stops all the enemies for 5 seconds.
Book of Puzzles Drops giant puzzle pieces from the sky.
Book of Barrels Massive Barrels roll across the screen.
Book of Ghosts Turn all enemies into 1-hit ghosts.
Book of Hammers Fling giant hammers from your sword.
Power Block Rock the area with a sharp earthquake.
Magic Flute Will take you back to the map if used in an area, and back to Kingdomtown if used on the map.
Book of Leaves Surround yourself with a powerful shield of leaves.
Book of Bubbles Protects you from all projectiles.
Book of Magnets Causes dropped items to float to you.
Fancy Cloud Use this to float over rivers, lakes, and mountains on the map!