Retro Knight is not your average mobile App. Retro Knight is far more in-depth than you
would likely realize just from mere screenshots and videos. You have no idea, so I'll tell you!
A Genre Mash-up of Arcade/RPG Fun! Pick up arcade-style power-ups to unleash new abilities on the monsters that long to eat you like the Fire Sword or Bottled Lightning, yet collect dozens of weapons and items as you beome a greater knight in this epic, action-packed RPG.
Go Where You Want in a free-roaming world! Venture over the countryside at your own pace, exploring where you desire in this free-roaming map full of secrets. There's caves to explore, mountains to climb, forests to get lost in, and rivers to cross. Oh, and there are even things you can't see on your map! What? There's always something to discover!
Set Up Your Own House! If you're looking for a place of your own, you can buy your own house (or four) to store more items, decorate how you like with a built-in map editor, and even take a nice nap! There's no place like home.
Enjoy A Living, Real-Time World! Enjoy a world that operates on a real-time clock! Weather patterns, night/day changes, traveling shops and events, and even sales in select stores! Every day feels like a whole new day in Kingdomland ... because it is!
Do Your Job And Get Promotions! Accept daily orders from your King to earn Badges and unlock new areas. Plus new orders can be added to the App without the need to update it! You never know what that crazy King Kerupt is going to have you do, but we assure you it will be exciting!
Hundreds of Items and Weapons! Equip all sorts of swords, axes, guns (what era does this game exist in?), magic rods, bombs, knives, saw blades, and well ... the list goes on and on. Collect over a hundred different foods and dozens and dozens of magical tools to aide you (some of which might have been borrowed from other classic retro games, but we're sure we're in the clear).
Dozens of armors and playable characters! Try out all sorts of different armors, playable characters, weapons, and power ups to make interesting combos which will help you traverse Kingdomland. Will you be quick and fireproof? Strong and immune to getting drunk? Maybe you'll make friends with bats when you wear the Bat Suit. Also be sure to keep an eye out for some classic SCP Characters roaming around Kingdomland.
Try out Different Professions! Sure, you were hired as a Knight, but maybe you want to try being a fisherman, a farmer, a miner, or perhaps a chef? Enjoy small sub-industries when you just wanna take a break from killing things.
Be The Best Knight! Compete against other players in high-score specific arcade areas, or simply to see who has eaten the most tacos. You can see all the high scores here!
Visit Many Unique Towns! Shop at over 100 different stories in nearly a dozen different towns!
Bask In Nostalgia! Enjoy classically-inspired elements from retro games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Bubble Bobble, Castlevania, Joust, Balloon Fight, Metroid, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Bomberman, and more!

King Kerupt may have you fighting giant monsters!
Need some gear? Keep an eye out for sales and specials!
Charge up for awesome Retro Attacks!
Defend the countryside from Monster Hordes!
Call upon the powers of classic video games for help!
Blast monsters with arrows, bullets, fire, and more!