- Unlockable Characters -
Grudge isn't the only one who craves adventure! This is the complete list of other characters you can play as. All you have to do is buy their 'armor' and they are added to your inventory as an item. Each character comes with their own voice acting!

Okay so technically this isn't another character, but did you know in another life that Grudge was a hitman? It's true. Putting on Grudge's classic suit and tie will also let you use a pistol! Granted, he doesn't have his armor on, so he takes more damage. But Grudge did have a knack for getting lucky, so maybe your luck will increase! See Grudge's previous life as a Hitman at www.scpmovies.com.
Legenary Pizza Chef and Punk Rock Roadie, Johnny Thunderpants isn't afraid of some stewpid monstas. Johnny is pretty tough, loves to throw empty beer cans, and seems to be able to drink anyone under the table. Is it that he can't get drunk, or that he is always drunk? Check out Johnny's old cartoons History Tutor and Anarchy Island Shots at www.scpmovies.com.
Angus was born to hunt, so if you find his grandpa running his shop, you can ask Angus to join your party (for a price). Angus comes armed with a pistol, quick speed, and the ability to see in the dark! He's also pretty tough on the attack, but not so great on defense. Check out Angus's show Animal Fury at www.animalfury.com.
Don't let the fact that he is a clown make you think he is in any way happy. Boozer is a drunk, homeless clown who is about as snippy as they come. He is always ready to smack someone in the head, commonly his sidekick Hobbo Stubs. Thankfully he is very lucky, can't be affected by booze, or bats for some reason. Check out Boozer's show The Boozer And Stubs Show at www.boozerandstubs.com.
Behold his greatness! Dr. Kockpocalipse is the greatest evil genius in the world, and he will be the first to tell you that. Equipped with his infamous laser goggles, Dr. Kock can't be poisoned, blinded, has excellent night vision, and seems to be friends with bats too. Go figure. He's a tough villain who will fight for good you if you have enough Gnit. Check out Dr. Kock's show Lab Of Ingeniocity at www.scpmovies.com.
Who's Dr. Kock's bestest pal? Why its Gorpee, the loveable, huggable monster. This bear/ape/lizard beast just wants to be friends, but is about as strong as they come. Strong, durable, and immune to just about everything, Gorpee is a great friend indeed! He just isn't very quick, and also doesn't like to get hurt, so he won't stick around for very long. Check out Gorpee on Lab Of Ingeniocity at www.scpmovies.com.
More help is on the way! Check out the In Development Page
to see what other characters will be joining Grudge!